We got this stamp collection after my uncle, me and my family are selling them as a BULK (one lot) and not individual album(s)/stamp(s). 

These are pictures of the important albums/stamps and samples of the others, they are uploaded on Picasa [links below] (you can use the zoom feature to take a closer look or download each picture individually) you can also view them through the Gallery which you can find the link in the menu above or download all the pictures Here

 There are 3 more albums for the period after 1952, and some European and Austrian stamps.

This collection is currently in Egypt, whoever is interested to examine them thoroughly can come see them in Egypt, however we will NOT sell them cheap by any means!! We know how valuable these were to my uncle and their current market value so TIME WASTERS please don't bother!

for further information you may contact me on my email


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